Saturday, February 4, 2012

What I Want them to Know

In my Book of Mormon study today, I realized something important to me.

Our church has always taught the importance of teaching our children.  I always get nervous about this because I don't want to "brainwash."  I don't want my children following the religion I do out of habit or fearful obedience.

I want them to know as I do, to search and study and find the path that feels right.  I'll be honest that I want them to find that same path that my husband and I have found.  The reason is because I believe in God and that this is his plan of real happiness.  I want them to find true happiness, that comes from some sacrifice and self control--not just an Oprah-esque "do what you want" philosophy.  The truest joys and peace in my life are a result of living my religion.  Abstaining from sex until after marriage gave so much freedom in health--to be free of STD's in pregnancy.  It also gives a lot of emotional security to our relationship.

Being free from any addiction (because we believe in abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs) gives TONS of freedom to pursue any profession, to keep my kids healthy, not to mention the simply huge amount of money we save on those things that can go towards more satisfying, long lasting purchases.

But...back to my point.  The biggest thing I want to teach my kids is to find it for themselves.  I want to teach them to read the scriptures and to pray for answers.  Both of those things have been such a blessing to me in finding my path and learning what true happiness is.  God answers my prayers every time.  Every time I am shocked and amazed by it!  Why?  You'd think I'd start to just see that as normal, but I am so grateful for prayer and the comfort it is and the amazement it is.  I am so grateful to be NOT ALONE in this life.

Next family home evening, this is what I want to teach--the importance of them having their own prayers and scripture study in their life, especially when they become adults.

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