Monday, March 26, 2012

Electronics Angst

Since we were in such a tight place this last Christmas, our children were given small tablets (electronic).  Therefore they each in some way have access to music to play, app games to play, e-books to read, the internet, etc.

In our errant thinking we concluded that having these small electronics would keep them occupied in the small space and when traveling and lower contention levels in stressful times such as those.


Color me naive, obviously.  Something is always needing charged, so someone else's is being borrowed.  Fighting ensues.  Music is blasting that I don't really want to hear.  Sometimes from more than one place at a time!  Electronic book reading gets passed up in favor of Angry Birds or Cafe Story, or Restaurant Story, or somanyotherstories.

Take me back to the days of just books and toys!

***Post Update:  I finally took the tablets away for a few days after writing this and we had a much less contentious weekend :).  Go figure....

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