Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2012 Garden

This is this summer's garden, in its entirety.  Up top we have close-up of a seed that's been started in my daughter's school and brought home to plant.  Still haven't picked a permanent home for it.

Sidenote:  Did you know that since newspaper decomposes this can just be planted as is?  It might be fun to make lots of these little things to start plants in the Spring next year.

The second picture is the BIG GARDEN of the year :).  It consists of zuchini squash on one side and yellow crook-neck squash on the other.  Yep, big stuff this year!  My Boy #1 (4 year old) can keep this expansive garden watered daily...he simply walks out on the deck with our watering can.  Hopefully if we see some success we'll be inspired to expand into further gardening next year.  We'll see :).

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