Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday message

A kind man who spoke to us at Church on Sunday handed me his typed out talk when I asked where I could find some of the material.  I LOVED his talk, so I feel lucky to be holding it in my hands.  He talked about the way we live our lives and said this:

"You and I, as we live daily, even moment-by-moment in the marketplace, are involved in a holy calling and work.  We have not been called to the pulpit of a church, but to the "bully pulpit" of a business.  We don't prepare sermons every week - we prepare budgets.  Wed don't quote the scriptures from the podium - we need to live them.  We are the front line troops.  If it can't happen through us, it won't happen at all.  If God's Word isn't as valid and binding on Monday as it is on Sunday, it isn't valid at all."

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