Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Using Covered Diaper Boxes

Covering diaper boxes to use like baskets for storage is kind of a big deal in my life right now.  It's probably terribly awkward when new friends realize the types of things I am obsessed with :).

Regardless, after gushing about it to some ladies I know from church, I thought it would be worthwhile to post exactly how I use them once they are made:

The top polka dot diaper box is covered with fabric.

These are covered with decorative duct tape.
These ones I am using to store fabric in my shelves next to my sewing machine.  Upstairs my daughter has two in her bedroom to store socks and underwear in her closet (she doesn't have a dresser).  Since they cost me between free and about $2.50 in materials per box, they are way more economical than baskets, and I love the idea of recycling in a cute way!

To see my post about covering them with fabric:  Click here.

To see my post about covering them with duct tape:  Click here.


  1. Yeah! I am so glad to see that I am not the only one that reuses these fantastic boxes! I'm off to read your tuts on how you cover them, because it seems to me a daunting task. :-)

  2. Me too!!! The last one I made was covered in a pair of old chinos for the exterior and a fabric lining interior made from leftover flannel. I use it on the bottom shelf of the bookcase for all those teeny tiny toddler books that used to spill out all over the floor.

    Duct tape, eh? I like it! It seems like washi taped items are a big hit right now, but duct tape covers more area in less time. Love!

  3. I did it! I rescued a box with duck tape - thanks to your inspiration! Your post has been referenced within mine - it's the least I can do! Thanks!


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