Sunday, June 10, 2012

~Days of Bliss~

I got another one of those emails last night - the job rejection kind.  I've been applying for jobs as they come up pretty much ever since we bought this house.  It was one of those things I thought would help me as my mental health started to decline.  I'm still unsure whether to go that route or not, but so far rejection is making my decision :).

The job I got rejected from most recently was one that really sounded fun.  The sadness only lasted a small moment before my son asked, "Mom, can we bake cookies tomorrow?"  It was weird being catapulted from the professional world thought processes back to my real life.  The sweet voice of my son warmed my heart as I captured the reality that Yes, yes, we could make cookies tomorrow!

Not everyone can say that.  And I can!  We bake any time he wants to.  He also gets to make salads for dinner, play on the swings while listening to tunes his sister cues up on her tablet.  Meanwhile his baby brother is toddling around the backyard in just a diaper, soaking up the sunshine and doing his own "chicken dance" style moves to the songs that are playing.

I am sitting in our cool, unfinished basement (because we moved most of our stuff down here while we treat and paint the floors) looking out the window at the carefree reverie of it all and basking in my blessings and joy.

Maybe I'll get a job next year.  Maybe next week.  Maybe in 10 years.  Maybe never.  Professional grandma-ing doesn't sound too bad.  But regardless I am going to LOVE and ENJOY this moment.  I am so grateful to have the life I do.


  1. You know, there are sacrifices for every decision we make. We just have to realize what we are sacrificing and if it is worth it to us. It is so nice to be reminded of the wonderful parts of staying-at-home even with all the other sacrifices. You are a great mom.

    I have been thinking a lot about hopes and dreams lately. Rob and I are big time dreamers, and there is a right time for every dream. I'm sure the right job will come at the right time! Glad you can enjoy where you are at now.

  2. I've just stumbled upon your blog and love it! You trypuly are living a blessed life. I'm a believer of all things happen for a reason. So, hang in there and keep enjoying those daily moments. :)


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