Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jesus Superpowers

Son:  If I just had some paper I could make more money for us to use at the store.

Me:  We can't make money, it's against the law.

Son:  So how do we get money?  Does Jesus just drop it from the sky?

Discussion ensues about Daddy working, getting paid for it, us spending it at the grocery store for our food, etc.  We've had a lot of weird Jesus discussions lately.  It's so interesting how kids try to make sense of their world :).


  1. That is hilarious. I'm surprised by how much Jane has caught onto our money convos. Whenever I tell her that we aren't going to buy something for her. She says, "We have no money."

  2. ahhh man, we WISH Jesus just dropped it from the sky, right? haha. what a CUTE conversation. I look forward to the day my daughter starts talking :) Found ya from the link and mingle and so glad I found your blog! newest follower - love your "about me" pretty!

  3. Those conversations would be fun to read years from now. Kids are so funny!

  4. Little kids brains are fascinating. My oldest son (4) often tries to convince me to stay at work longer so we can have money enough to buy him cookies. I guess that teaches him the value of work right? :)


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