Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Blog is your Worst Nightmare

I was reading a post where people were sharing their blog pet peeves.  I read the comments and found them extremely insightful.  Insights such as:

My blog sucks.

Things that bug people include:  Not having one distinct topic, skipping around (check!).  Having lots of personal post about family stuff (check!) and showing remodeling projects with all the steps, not just a clear before and after (check! check!)

Sounds like I'm covering the blog suckiness spectrum from all angles.  But the good news is I still love it and I still plan to do it my way.  I haven't made a dime from it yet, so I'm not gonna spend my time trying to make it please a few people just for that reason.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is to show yet another thing apparently blog readers don't want to see.  Sorry about that :).

I'm gonna show you what it really looks like in the home of DIY re-modelers.  These pictures are just little snippets of how we managed to get the whole house re-carpeted without going to Jamaica for a month.  That's our kitchen the family room furniture is hanging out in, and our unfinished basement where we had a family "slumber party" for a few nights.  Just keepin' it real :).


  1. Your blog certainly doesn't suck. I like variety and if I follow a blog I usually don't mind varying topics. :) I feel like I would put... I don't like blogs that feel the need to tell everyone what they should and shouldn't do. If you don't like it don't follow it. :) some people like us blog for fun not money. Love your blog. Megan

  2. I love your blog. I love your renovating photos, your diverse topics, your warmth and candor. I keep coming back from more!

  3. well if yours sucks mine double sucks, lol! No seriously, your real and I know that is what I look for in blogs, so yeah...

  4. Bobi, I don't think your blog sucks. But even if it did I would still visit. That's just how much I love you.

  5. I love "Real" and enjoy your blog when I pop in. And I applaud you for posting. Somehow my attempt at blogging got lost in the shuffle called Life a few months ago. So I've just been reading and enjoying other people’s blogs for a while. Yours and a few others are inspiring me to jump back in and post when I can.

  6. Doesn't suck at all! I really like the variety and I love that you post frequently!

  7. Hahahaha, what a nightmare getting new carpet can be...OR having a painter come in to paint the house—room by room! Oooh, sugar, your blog is darling. You might want to visit with me and see how I blog. I just put my heart into things and go from there. Sometimes funny; sometimes not so funny but with lots of beautiful photos. I think you might like it.

    Coming over from The Dedicated House. Nice to meet you, sweets!


    1. Ha ha! No painters hired here! Every little project is done by us, with little fingers getting in the paint and spreading it on the new carpet! It really can be a nightmare, but its our nightmare, right? ;). And we love it. Thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet you too :).

  8. You know the bottom line is that you have to write the blog that makes you happy. I think your blog is great! Keep up the good work!

  9. This is my first visit to your blog and I'll be back as long as you keep blogging your way. Who makes these rules anyway? It's your blog do what YOU want! That's what I'm doing. :)


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