Sunday, December 9, 2012

{Gluten-Free} Kitchen Creativity

I love the way my oldest jumps in to try cooking something new.  She really likes to be creative in the kitchen.  It's a good thing since cooking without gluten can be tricky.  I try to encourage her independence and skill so that she'll be prepared to fix her own food in a "gluten-ous" world when she is an adult.

She made some chicken fingers (recipe was on the back of the Gluten Free Bisquick box) for us for dinner that we had with mashed potatoes and corn.  It took her some time, but I think if she makes it a few more times it'll be a great dinner addition for us.  

For convenience with only one diagnosed with Celiac and the rest of us eating "normally" we try to just have all our dinners gluten free.  The rest of the day we eat our own breads and cereals and snacks, but we like to have the same thing in our evening time together.

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