Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Favorite Place in the Whole World

This is a tough one.  I'm really racking my brain thinking of all the places we've lived, the few places we've traveled....I'm just not coming up with anything.  For me it's a group of factors:

I love to be somewhere with comfy, thick, clean carpet.  I like to be able to watch movies or TV shows I like.  I like to be able to have yummy restaurant or take out food, and I like to be able to sleep a full night.

To me that list just sounds like a fantasy vacation. If that were true I would add sunshine, a swimsuit, a nice pool or beach, and a magazine to read.

My first instinct would be to answer, Home.  Wherever that is.  With my family.  That is partly true, but I want to be totally honest.  Home right now is my workplace.  And my work feels like slave labor some days.  So the thick, comfy carpet is true.  And of course I love being with my family.  But take out food and a good night's sleep sounds pretty nice right now.

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