Sunday, March 10, 2013


These are my husband's hiking boots.  They were one of our first big purchases when we were newlyweds.  Casey loves to hike and backpack and great boots really make it more enjoyable.   

Sadly, he didn't do much hiking in the years between us being newlyweds and now.  When he went on his first few big campouts this year, this is what happened.  The shoes had "aged" without being used.  It's probably for the best because they are also just enough too tight to not be comfortable.  Hopefully in the next year he'll get a new pair. He's been doing lots more camping and even planning backpacking adventures with the kids.

I'm getting really excited for spring and summer.  The older the kids get the more fun it is to enjoy these hobbies and see them through their eyes.

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  1. This once happened to a pair of shoes of my hubby's too! :) Have fun seeking a comfortable new pair.


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