Monday, December 9, 2013

Gus and Cats

I think I've given a pretty good description of Gus's bucking abilities. I've told you how he was scared to death of cows. Well, it so happened that he liked cats quite a bit. The following is an instance that my older brother observed during a time when he was boarding Gus. 

For some unremembered reason, Gus was being kept in a corral. My brother observed and had to tell me about what he witnessed happening there in the corral. 

There were a fair number of cats that would hang around the place. This one cat evidently had a relationship with Gus as to where they both understood each other. This one particular cat would casually and slowly walk right across the middle of Gus's corral, from one side to the other. Gus would see the cat and come on the run. A person would naturally assume that he was witnessing the end of one particular cat. Unconcerned, the cat would stop and sit down right there in about the center, and watch Gus come.. 

The cat would just continue giving the horse an "I dare you" look. Gus, when he got there, would leap into the air, twist and come down with all four feet, not missing the cat by very far. Gus would continue bucking and leaping and coming down real close to the cat, just as if he intended to smash the cat flat. All the while, the cat would just continue giving Gus a bored, "I dare you" look. Pretty soon, Gus would get tired of it and stop and look at and smell the cat. The cat would then arise and continue its nonchalant journey across the corral, and that would be the end of it. To our knowledge, Gus never did hurt a cat.

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