Sunday, January 26, 2014

Real Words

Hi!  It's Bobi!  For realz!  I've been posting a lot of picture posters lately that speak to me.  But I also want to share with you my heart since that is why I am here on the web.

I've discovered roller skating.  Per my dream board you can see that I am hoping to purchase my own skates.  I went from trying it (after about 25 years) with my kids one day to being totally in love with it as a hobby.  I can go for 3 hours straight, get blisters, push my muscles, get a little sweaty, and STILL love it.  I really can't say that about most exercise.  I've been going to a couple 3 hour sessions per week.  I'm also taking a once a week hip hop dancing class, which has been a fun change, too.

I've found it really empowering to find things I love doing and experience more joy in a given day than having goals of "shoulds," like learning something or achieving some body goal, etc.  Embracing things that give me JOY has been so good for the soul.  Of course books (and more books, and more books) from the library are part of that.  I joined a site to review books online (come!  follow me!) and have been trying to keep better track of all that I read and how it affected me.

I got a guitar for Christmas along with a system to help learn it.  I practiced every day for the first four days and then discovered roller skating :).  I did enjoy it though, although I soon remembered why I gave it up so quickly when my brother tried teaching me as a kid.  My fingers are short!  They were then and they haven't grown :).  It's so hard to reach some of the notes, so I'm not sure if they'll get more flexible or I'll just be instrumentally limited.

I'm healthier, a lot healthier now.  I take quite a cocktail of vitamins and prescriptions, even some prescription vitamins, but I am glad to have reached a much happier balance in my brain health.  I still struggle and have the occasional panic attack I just feel stronger in a position of power to combat it or know what to do to avoid it.  Sadly, that seems to often include events I used to enjoy, but I have so much more peace when I listen to my heart and body rather than force myself into a negative (for myself) situation.


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  1. Love that you are doing well! Keep on finding your joy!


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