Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring has Sprung

After snowy weeks of *technically* spring, we have some proof the season really is here!  I love these blooming bushes in my front yard.  In fact, I love every landscaping plant here very much.  They were a bonus that popped up and got beautiful the spring after we found this house broken and dirty in the winter-time.  Seeing all of these well-rooted plants stand up to shine gave me hope that eventually all of this home would too.

It's been years of work so far, but the place  is already giving us the rewards of shelter and comfort that we had longed for.  So despite being in-between on some projects it is still a very homey place to be.  I'm thankful for this answer to prayer.  That prayer was many years ago, but I do want to acknowledge the blessing I feel today.

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