Saturday, January 3, 2015

Everything I Needed to Know About Handling Haters I learned on Pinterest

Yesterday I lost a pinterest follower.  Today I got a new one.

The last time this happened I had repinned a joke with swear words.  It may have been offensive.  Oh, scratch that.  Considering what I find funny I'm SURE it was.

When something negative goes down on Facebook I get all kinds of upset about it.  Did I lose them forever?   Will I be shunned from all the people who are our virtual mutual friends?  I'm socially anxious as it is and having very limited contact with the outside world magnifies it.  I think THIS IS IT!  Without the Internet I'll have NO ONE!

This nullifies the fact that I know a few folks in real life and some of them love me.  I should have a grip on this.  I know.  But I'm anxiety girl,  after all.

But here's where pinterest has helped.  I lost almost 20 followers one weekend.  How did I notice?  I can't even remember but it freaked me out.  And it freed me to post even more of what matters *to me*.  Cause hey, if I'm not for them there's an easy way out.  And it goes both ways.  I've unfollowed every pinboard that offends my heart (mostly diet ones or thinspiration).

What happens when you let those who aren't into you go easily?   You have more mental resources to connect with those that are.  I set a goal to more than make up for those I lost.  800 is what I was shooting for.  And to get more I sought after and pinned things I was absolutely in love with and made my heart jump.

In a couple weeks I was up to 800 and now 845.  The 45 are just a bonus.   It was 845 yesterday and then 844 this morning.   So you know what that means....but I pumped myself up again that it was the opportunity to further hone my "brand" and whadaya know?  845 tonight.  The less the focus is on people I can't please the closer I'll get to the lovers.  So haters are the fast track to goal reaching!
Now to apply this to every other social media!   :)

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  1. This I totally get! I lose followers all of the time and I gain a bunch more. I try not to let it get to me but sometimes...
    Happy New Year!


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