Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Books lately

I've been reading such interesting books on my Kindle.  I've been using the Kindle Unlimited ($10/month) plan and it exposes me to some unknown writers, which has been so fun.  It's like getting to know new friends.  I really enjoy the biographies, memoirs, and self-help books.

Among the "real books" I've devoured Half the Sky was really impactful.  I didn't realize how deadly childbirth is around the world, and especially that it was such a threat to our children.  It was very enlightening.

I've picked up some decorating books but I haven't loved them quite as much.  Maybe because I feel like decorating is a personal art form.  Inspiration can come from pictures or settings of any kinds, but "rules" for art don't really work for me.  It's a gut thing.

One decorating book I enjoyed had a lot of history so that was interesting.  I didn't realize how much technological advances had taken the art of home decor to the common people.  Throughout much of history it was simply the styles of the rich which were documented and which we track as the style of the particular period.  Now with magazines, Pinterest, YouTube, and blogs of course :) there are styles and beauty in the function of the humblest of homes.  That was a tidbit I found enlightening, though, as I study history--that the styles featured weren't necessarily what everyone used or enjoyed.  It just happens to be what is documented based on the lives of the very rich.

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I've always had a fascination with the history of every day people, especially women in their homes doing their daily work.  Books that bring that side of the past to light, versus well known politics or wars, is fascinating to me.

Do you like reading?  What have you discovered lately?

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