Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dream like New York (or Decorate like it)

In Texas there was a certain look, in the mountains of Wyoming there was another.  Here in Nebraska I've noticed local trends too.  I'm not a fan of all of them, but they do influence my design, both in taste and for re-sale preparation.

So when I was going through a NYC phase (I've wanted to visit the city for decades but the time has never been right--even now its not, I get claustrophobia thinking about it), I decided to gather decorating inspiration from homes that are in the Big Apple.

Do you see anything in this collection that inspires you?

What strikes me about many of these is the drab almost matching of city skyscraper grey.  Mentally that wouldn't work for me.  So the orange accent thrown in the next picture is a delight.

The green and white?  Even better.  I'd need some brightness wherever I could get it.

I'm a fan of the table and benches in this studio below.  It's so similar in function and looks to the country style Farmhouse Tables that are popular right now.  Just switching the legs to the industrial looking pipe really ties it into a loft sensibility...and gives me ideas for switching up our dining table plans.

Do you have a city you'd name as your decorating muse?


  1. You know you can stay with me if/when you visit the city. Might be the ideal way to experience the city. Enjoy the rural feel of my home, then explore the city. One thing that strikes me about the muted palettes is that the city is super stimulating so it makes sense that you would want something cool and calm to soothe senses after the overstimulation of the city.

  2. We moved to NY after living in Sweden for many years. I was pretty well-traveled by then and used to cities. I found NYC overwhelming and intimidating for some reason. Something that baffles me because going to places like Cairo or Riyadh with their chaos, noise, poverty, etc. was thrilling. I have wandered some magnificent cities in Europe like Paris, London, Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and they never intimidated me. Perhaps the feeling of sophistication that NYC exudes was the biggest factor. I am not in love with NYC, but I do enjoy visiting it and no longer feel scared or intimidated to visit or explore.

  3. I would say either Copenhagen or Lund, Sweden inspire me with their mix of old and contemporary-repurposing the old for new ways. In my living room, I have a mix of antiques and IKEA furniture. And I think it works. I like the juxtaposition of the 1815 Grandfather clock with the modern IKEA Expedit bookcases that house many of my books. The walls are painted a bright yellow which reminds me of the yellow houses in Lund.


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