Thursday, February 19, 2015

Unique Bathroom Vanities

Did I tell you about the bathroom vanity that got destroyed?  I can't remember.  I may have just posted an incriminating photo on Facebook or Instagram.  Its a risk you take when you move into your remodel with a just-starting-to-toddle little guy.  For reference its the vanity from the top picture in this post.

Sure, in that picture it looks all white and clean...that was partly lighting because it never looked perfect.  But then...that toddler hit.  And what came next was a crap storm of red lipstick and blackest black mascara proportions.

And it's still in their bathroom.  Because we had a whole slew of other projects to get to first.  However, I'm just as surprised as you are to realize we are one some of the final projects of this place, which includes that bathroom.  We are up in the air as to the style of vanity to do.  White is simple and awesome.  But we really love our knotty alder we've got in the kitchen.

In search of inspiration I went looking for unique bathroom vanities.  Did you even know any of these options existed???  Me neither.  They are so artsy, so unique, and just so freaking cool.  Every one of these I've archived today are from Decor Planet.

A farmhouse sink!

Gray and Marble

You're welcome.

Ahem, that's leather below.  Leather?!  So freaking cool.

Ah, Old Hollywood.  Can you just picture putting on your powder over that glamorous vanity above?

I'm not gonna lie.  I think this one above is my very favorite.  Sure, I like the apothecary look windows below, but this "antique dresser" vanity is everything for me sentimentally.

I'm inspired now!  What is the most unique thing you have seen for bathroom vanities?  Or do you prefer the basic, clean and simple?

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