Monday, March 23, 2015

Today: green smoothies and netflix

In today's update:  I am drinking green smoothies again.  Trying to work it back into a habit.  A few things I have changed is using plain greek yogurt (about 1/3 C) instead of little containers of sweetened.  Other than that it's my tried and true recipe and still tastes great.  And its still funny how my youngest loves them.  You wouldn't think a drink like that would be a kid favorite but I drank them regularly while pregnant (especially at the end) so I blame that :).

Part of my renewed motivation for eating well is health hasn't been well the last few weeks (although I think I'm blaming allergies and viruses more than the lupus--who even knows?).  Because of that I've done more resting and enjoyed some Netflix.  My favorite shows I've taken in are these:

I share because I care, so you need to tell me what you're loving these days too!  I like being prepared for my can't get out of bed time :).  I just remembered there are two others.  I watched the whole Hart of Dixie run but honestly can't recommend it.  It was just a bunch of love triangles--basically by the end everyone had dated everybody so it was very unrealistic.  But since I had to act like I'm not a quitter I just kept going until it was done.  Also I enjoyed the documentary "Tricked" about the terrible problem we have with modern day slavery right now but the cover pic was too racy.  I will say that I do recommend the show itself.  It casts a more realistic light on the problem in contrast to the cover picture.

And that's my update!  Catch up with me on Facebook or Instagram anytime!

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