Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Tiny Home Tour

Today I was thinking of cozy warmth and I started envisioning a tiny home.  I have dreams of having one to call my own someday.  As I was picturing it the thing that kept coming to mind was wood.  Wood walls to be more particular.  There's just something about it that seems so cozy.

So I decided to take you along for the ride and tour a tiny home that looks like my fantasies today :).
You can see most of the home in this one picture (below). The arrangement and layout is organized and efficient. Of course it has to be in this kind of size.

It's got its own standing shower, which is nice. And the copper is kinda unique, don't you think?

And here are the wood walls. Yay! And ah, the bed looks cozy.

This cabin in the trees has such a lovely location. Thanks for joining me in this walk through my dreams :).  Have you seen a home lately that looks like your dreams?  Tell me about it!

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