Saturday, May 9, 2015

Willow Lake, Iowa {Camping Near Omaha}

Sure, they are different states but a lot of Iowa camping is just as near the Omaha metro as Nebraska camping.  This spot is a nearby favorite of ours.  A big factor was that despite other campers being there that weekend we got a nice secluded spot.

There was a peaceful patch of water (and accompanying water fowl) for us to watch, but it was far enough away that I still felt like the kids were safe while being watched.

Most of my pictures are from the evening as we got settled in and ready to cook dinner.  It was a really easy hot dogs over the fire kind of night.

I like catching the view out the window when I wake up in the camper.  It's such a peaceful feeling.

One of my favorite memories of the whole weekend we were there is that it was Arbor Day and they were giving away free trees nearby.  We planted all three in our backyard here in Omaha and its a fun way to remember that special spot in Iowa.

Our lilac we planted in the front yard - free on Arbor Day weekend 2014

It really is a gorgeous and peaceful recreation area and a great way to enjoy midwest nature close to home.

Here are some of our other local camping spots:  Fremont Lake, Lake Mac, Louisville SRA, Two Rivers


  1. We do a lot of camping but sometimes it's such a process of packing everything up & getting there. It's nice to find places that are closer to home! :)

    1. Yes, the prep is huge! I put it off for many years. Thankfully my husband wanted to start doing it bad enough he does a lot of it now.


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