Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dominoe Stacking -- his short lived hobby

A couple of years ago, this is what my oldest son lived for.  He'd spend his free time watching YouTube videos of other people and their domino stacks (with them falling of course) and then design his own.

Once he'd enjoyed our audience reaction at home he'd ask demand that I video record his adventures.  And once I'd done that, and he'd watched and reviewed the footage he'd ask demand it to be uploaded to YouTube to entertain an online audience.

I'm not sure if anyone ever saw those videos, but when I ran across these still shots today it made me smile.  I love that he is so much like me in either being disinterested in a topic or OBSESSED...and not much middle ground.

It makes me giggle how many obsessions he's had since, with not even a hint of interest in dominoes in the last year.  Next was Minecraft, which he still plays on occasion.  It was an obsession for a good 1/2 year, but then he discovered Dinosaur games and his love is playing them and watching others play them on YouTube videos.

I love thrill and passion for something.  I'm glad I get to watch him grow :).

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