Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Authentic Farmhouse look

So you watch a little HGTV and love the new farmhouse craze?  I'm with ya.  There's all kinds of inspiration like this on Pinterest to really pique your interest and give you nostalgia for the good ol' days:

Ah, a breath of fresh air right?

Exactly zero farms from the past looked like that and probably close to that number do now.  Here's a rough idea of what you'll be getting into if you decide that buying an actual *vintage* farmhouse is for you :):

There's usually a vehicle or 10 handy.  Motors actually running, optional.

A little elbow grease and like 6 months will brighten this place up in no time!

Newsflash:  farmers need cleanable linoleum floors and plain jane fixtures cause they are busy WORKING.  The shiny stainless steel and chandaliers are likely in a home where someone works away from the home for a living.

Everyone likes the word VINTAGE until it comes to their backyard pool.

You say you're planning a farmhouse sink?  Well, thar she is!

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