Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Went Right, day 5

This'll be about yesterday....

  1. Did my treadmill walking, and found out I can listen to my church lesson manual on my phone.  The two lessons I listened to were SO enlightening.  That was great.
  2. Went to the doctor and got antibiotics for my sinus infection.  I have a hard time finding doctors I like and I grumble about bedside manner, but taking a step back I realize that is such a luxury of our day.  Just stepping into a clean, new office building...being seen by someone who is also clean and washes their hands :), and leaving with the opportunity to purchase medicine that makes an illness seem like no big deal.  I'm very thankful for medical advances.
  3. My five year old had his preschool day.  I am so grateful for his preschool.  He learns so much and it gives us all a highlight to look forward to three days a week.  And it makes the other days feel like relaxing days "off" rather than just another day of home-life.

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  1. Bobi thanks for sharing some of your gluten free recipes with me! It means a lot :) Also, where are you listening to church manuals? I'd love to do the same thing while I walk/run.


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