Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Homeschool Computer Desk Ideas

We are getting to a life stage where most of the kid's homework and creative work (several of mine like architecture software) takes place on a computer.  This is a major reason I haven't been blogging much.  My time with the computer is very limited.

Also there are a number of games the kids would like to have multiple computers playing so they can go against each other or something :).  It has me dreaming of the perfect handmade furniture to use if we purchased or put together multiple screens.  Here are the ideas I could find but none look quite like what I have dreamed up in my head.

I think this is the closest to what I am picturing but about double the size with two more computers and chairs.  What I like about it--that it's open and light--could also be a problem with cords going everywhere and unsightly things all over under it.

What I like about this one (above) is that the desk seems suited for a number of different uses, like the sewing machine.  This might be nice for homework that needs a writing surface rather than computer.  Bonus points for using the file drawers as the bases!  All the paperwork could be filed away.

This raw wood that looks like pallets on the side seems the most like our style and what my husband would create.  I would still put it against the wall and make it long, though, rather than a table with two sides.

 If you see something that's better send me a link!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Living Room Update

It's been awhile since I've brought you a post about our own projects.  My husband finished up the stone fireplace this weekend.  When I took the updated (but dusty, sorry!) picture I realized a few other changes in the years:

When you live in it, and it's real life -- not TV, these things take years.  It's sometimes easy in the process of living to forget all we've done.