Monday, January 31, 2011

Gestational Diabetes

In a little bit of an awkward way, I got the news Friday that I have gestational diabetes. I walked in to my Dr.'s appointment after the nurse called my name and the first thing she said was, "Good news! The results were negative!" I had just taken the 3 hour glucose tolerance test the week before and since they had never called me with the results I had assumed the same thing, so I smiled and agreed that was good news.

After weighing me (same as 2 weeks before, yay!) she escorted me to my room, took my vitals and left me to wait for the doctor. When my doctor came in, she again congratulated me on the negative results and then opened my chart and realized they had been read wrong. "Wait...," she said. Then she added a few things up, circled some numbers and said, "You do have it."

What? It was a little frustrating to find out that way, maybe just because I get my heart set on things. Also the doctor admitted they always call the next day with the results and this time I only found out because I actually went in in person for a scheduled appointment a week later.

After the reality setting in she explained where we go from here, which mostly includes me waiting for the dietitian to get the orders and her to contact me and set up our consultations. She is supposed to be setting me up with a blood glucose monitor (I'll check levels 4 times a day) and of course make a strict meal plan. I'm kind of anxious to just get the show on the road, cause this is like my new project. It annoys me just a little that this could have all been taken care of a week ago if all had gone according to protocol, but nothing I can do about it now.

Since I have a child with Celiac disease (gluten-free diet) and now I will be somewhat low-carb and sugar free we sure are going to have quite the complicated food household. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!