Friday, June 21, 2019

Blessed or Lucky

Today as I scrubbed the stove with my soapy dishwater and let the bubbly smells of citrus drift up, my heart jumped a little thinking about the layout of my stove, with gas hobs and a big grill surface, not little burner covers to clean individually.

I thought about how that was my dream stove, and here I was in my dream kitchen and realizing so many of the struggles of my life had been lifted and resolved in this beautiful perfect piece of real estate in a place  had always wanted to live.

Blessed, right?  Not so quick am I prone to making that statement because of all it can imply.  Like I did something to earn what I wanted.  Or that god loves and helps me more than his other children in poverty stricken countries.

So I hate to say it.  But I realized today why I still feel it.

Because God loves and cares for me as an individual in ways that make me uniquely happy.  A loving Source would know that I prefer to be in town near all the places I need to run to the kids activities....that less time/money in the car is what I consider blessed.  That loving parent would know that I get panicky in large houses and they aren't healthy for me, so this is compact and juuuuuust enough space for the six of us.

It is a new build that was done 6 months before we even knew about it.  It had great upgrades but I didn't have to make any of the decisions, or have any of the "how are we designing this kitchen" fights that were part of previous home plans :).  It was how it was, but very much how I would have done it.  It sat on the market awhile so we certainly didn't overpay, though.

There is lawn maintenance in the HOA which wouldn't have been our choice as DIYers but once I had my allergy testing, I was able to see how protective that was for my health.  So we are in a townhouse community without our own yard or land with our home.  We share rules and walls with neighbors in a very lowly populated state.  This geographical place is NOT for everyone as I am reminded frequently :).  But it is so for me.

So I feel blessed.  And I hope you do too.  When you are counting your blessings do you laugh a little at what is so great for you but most people don't like?  Those might be the biggest blessings of all because YOU, as an individual can feel cared for.

Have a blessed day.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

sewing and designing

I've thankfully been gifted the tools this year to really let my creativity with fabric go wild.

And by go wild I  mean making high quality comfortable clothing, because I am in my forties and sensible.