Saturday, June 22, 2013

Painting the Bathroom

So, I recently told y'all on our Facebook page as well as Instagram that we were GETTING SERIOUS about the master bedroom and bathroom.  We've been moved out of them half the time we've lived in this it's almost as if it doesn't exist.  

Which is kind of funny/ironic whenever we are squeezed in the one bathroom with the six of us in the morning.  It takes a moment's thought to remember we actually do have more space if we feel like using it.  In some ways though, it is a luxury to have enough space to move out of it and be able to remodel unencumbered by stuff and daily life.

Last weekend Casey painted the master bedroom (he'd done the closets in the preceding weeks) and then this weekend, as in right now, he just finished up painting the master bathroom.  Here's some pictures of the process:

Yes, the color looks SO dark when it is just around the edges.

For those who like this info...the paint color is Taupe Tone by Sherwin Williams, but we color match at Home Depot and buy the Behr Ultra paint with primer, since that is our favorite.  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

She Gave me Soup


As challenges go, I've had some interesting and new ones this last year.  As much as I love this adventure of remodeling our own foreclosure and making it is what it is.  And that is lots of "learning experiences."  Now it is no fault of the house, but this winter our particular section of this neighborhood had a prolonged power outage.

It was at hour 36! that I told my Facebook friends that it was hour 36!  We really hadn't expected it to go through two nights of cold and worried sleep.  At the coldest our house reached 49 degrees.  We spent all of those days huddled by the gas fireplace and we were constantly aware of the temperature as it changed.  It was a very cold part of winter when this happened.

By the very end (like when the indoor temperature made that dip below 50) we decided it was time to own a generator.  Time.  Grocery money be darned.  Medical bill money...who needs it?  It was TIME.  So we drove around the city and I started calling around to stores to see if any had generators in stock.  Initial calls weren't encouraging, but thankfully one Menard's had just gotten an emergency shipment of generators.  It wasn't a brand they normally carry, but thankfully they were priced fairly for those of us who were desperate.  A few hours later we were the proud owners of a gasoline fueled method of keeping our food cold and a space heater on.

During this drive to find a generator I received multiple texts from a girl I didn't know well at church.  She asked if she could help.  She asked if she could give us dinner.  I just didn't know how to reply.  I never know if people are serious and I've had bad luck in the past with offers of "if there is anything I can do" not actually being sincere.  So I put her off and put her off.

Finally, she just told me the soup was ready, there was plenty of it and rolls for our family and it would still be hot whenever we stopped by to get it (I had told her we were out driving).  So we did.  When I knew the soup was already made, who was I to turn it down?  And man, oh man....That was probably the most incredible broccoli cheese soup I have ever let roll over my tongue.  We ate it by flashlight and gushed to each other over our good fortune.

I get a little panicky remembering how cold we were those days, but the kids remember it as an incredibly fun adventure.  And I do remember the warm nurturing feeling of being provided for.  To me that is the essence of true service.  Not offering, not just feeling sympathy, but doing something, just doing it.  I am so, so glad she just made that soup.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Re-fashion a 90's denim shirt

You know thrift shops are my go-to place for all of our clothing, right?  Well, sometimes I don't love what is offered, but I see the potential in it.  This shirt fit great, but I wanted a little edgier look.  

I cut through the hem of the sleeves as well as the collar.  I'm considering doing the hem at the bottom too, I like it so well.  The key is to wash it once after the cuts.  You'll have lots of clipping of long white threads after this first wash.  Once that is done it is ready to wear and looks better the more it gets worn.

My next idea is to buy a large man's denim shirt that is well worn and create some frayed short sleeves, and maybe tie it at the bottom...kind of like this:

(found on Pinterest)

Have you ever re-fashioned denim?  Would love to see or hear about your ideas.  There's nothing I like more than a well loved jean quilt :)!