Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer: My way

After having done a few "summer breaks" since when my older kids started school, I have come to find I have a certain style.  A style much like my overall parenting style---Try not to stress myself out, cause then I get in mean mom mode.  There are lovely ideas, projects, and creative things to do with your kids, and sometimes I do them.  But I have found I can't pressure or guilt myself into doing them.  I hate to be controlled, even if it is by a plan of my own making :).

So, rather than make a list of things to accomplish this summer, or a strict daily schedule, I have found my zen in letting our days take us where they will.  I'm surprised how many creative and fun things we have done as a result.  They've been the kids' ideas rather than mine and don't involve a criminal amount of work on my part, which, as I said earlier, puts me into mean mom mode.  "Mean mom mode" kind of defeats the point of the lazy days of summer, in my opinion.

Anyway, now that I have justified myself, I'll share my plan.  We're gonna have a summer bucket list,'ll just be made after doing rather than before.  I'll keep track of it here so that in true blog form I can brag and you can envy my supercreative mom abilities, but the bonus will be that I won't have to do all that planning and stressing to make sure we do things.  Win, win, right?