Saturday, April 7, 2018

writeon Saturday

My little guy eats homemade bread as his food of choice.  Yogurt is still a lagging #2.  We are closer than we've ever been to justice with the patriarchy of the LDS church and it feels like my crumbling heart might get a piece or two fit back together.  Thank you McKenna for doing that for all of us.

I am in week 2 of sickness.  Heavy chest, achy muscles, head congestion, and tired and chills.  Had a great stop-by visit from my folks nevertheless and they helped me put the sheets back on my boys' beds.  The little miracles of service that my sweet folks are known to give.  Glad I got some time from them.

Spring break has been cold, rainy, rest break.  Which may be what we need, but my soul wants sun SO so much.  Got some windy sun at Lake Powell as we plowed around the sand in our driving toy.  Camped and had sand everywhere.  Now that I've done sandy camping 4-6 times I think I am completely over grit between my toes and teeth.

Reading a backpacking around europe type of kindle book and its super long, super interesting, and annoyingly mansided.  How many times do I want to read about the figure and hair of foreign women?  Also put on hold real books from an author I just listened to on an equally man forward podcast, but still have hope for useful takeways.  The mere height of the stack of pages makes me giddy in anticipation.

I want to grow flowers.

Also, I want sun.

My daughter has newly highlighted hair, and I love the golden blonde.  Maybe its because it was her toddler color.  My enhanced nails are now a bright yellow, as a hope to bring sunshine with me wherever I go.  I'm glad I have a vain habit as vices are hard to come by for mormon ladies.