Friday, November 7, 2014


One of my favorite writers Martha Beck once wrote a small piece about the people we see ourselves reflected in.  You know,  like the group of people we think of when we say, "Everybody feels ______ about me."  Or "everybody thinks this about ______.

If I remember it right, our EVERYBODY is usually just 5-10 people whose opinions we value and/or have certain spots in our life.  Sometimes there are members of that "group" we don't even agree with or respect, we've just grown accustomed to the idea that we should be in fear or obedience to them by keeping their hypothetical judgements as part of our choice making.

It was an "aha" moment for me as I realized through the end of the article that *I* could reconstruct my Everybody just as she suggested.  It was many years ago (pre instagram, twitter and the like) when I took in her suggestions that even authors or dead celebrities or whomever from where or whenever could be in our chosen group.

Well, that just changes everything,  right?  Feminists from the past who fought hell and high water to get me a few freedoms are gonna give me a certain grace that a privileged person from another arena might not.  It was my choice who judges me.  Even if it's all in my head.  (Which it already was/is anyway, right?) 

Just a few days ago, this idea popped back into my mind.  I could do this with my social media!   Instead of grasping at people to like me or worrying that they didn't,  I could raise my vibration to taking in the updates and energy of those I want to emulate and feel encouraged by.  It really is a switch for me in making the media serve me rather than feel fearful and tossed about by it.

In that vein I'd like to mention Taylor Swift's instagram feed was super empowering this morning.  And I'm off to my weekend.  Hope you love yours ♡.

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