Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Selfies and Moms

You can't see me, but I took this picture.  I was standing patiently to receive a shipment of toilets, tile, and other supplies a year ago June.

Yesterday I got the exciting idea for a blog post about our home remodel.  Most of our projects are wrapping up and I wanted to gather together the pictures of myself doing various projects.  Mine weren't much to write home about but they were fundamental to the completion of this remodel and I took pride in my part.

So I opened my backup photos and scrolled.

And scrolled.

And scrolled.

And finally ended up doing some filing that needed done in the office anyway.

I have an upcoming project to grout the tile in our secondary bathroom (Mr Warmth got it tiled last week!) and I've promised myself I'm gonna take more selfies.  I take plenty of the "I actually wore makeup today so I 'll take a shot in the sunshine for a new profile pic" type selfies.  But I've noticed that when it comes to documenting our family's work and lives I still follow the old school practice of snapping up shots of everyone else and our records are void of my mark.

I've got my feet on this one :).

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