Thursday, February 16, 2012


What we are doing is not for the faint of heart.  It wasn't easy at our last place.  We renovated it while living in it, and so many times as we were doing that, I said, "This is why we are building a new house!"  I didn't ever want to deal with someone else's pets urine!  And here we are.  And the urine takes over our lives again.

Every single room has the remnants of a dog that sheds long white hairs.  I thought that was the biggest dog issue.  As I spend more time in each room, especially if my face or nose nears the floor, I get a whiff or a peek at the yellow spots everywhere.  Why???  Oh yeah.  We knew this.  We signed up for this.  Well, kind of.

I distinctly remember when we walked through the house for the first (and my last time before we closed) viewing of the house that I said I would have to have the carpet replaced before I could move in, because of the pet issues.  I retracted that later when I decided moving the kids' schooling over at Christmas break would be an easier transition for them.  And then when I realized how much gas it would cost to keep driving two hours a day to get them to school over here.

Alas, I have realized that repairs that affect your everyday life should be done first.  It's been over a month.  Life is so chaotic because stuff is everywhere and I don't feel like I can pick "permanent spots" when it will all be moved for re-carpeting.

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