Monday, April 22, 2013

Making Sewing Stuffing (and some cute floor pillows!)

Recycle, Re-use, Renew!  This is about the "greenest" project there is.  My girls and I took the scraps and leftover strips from making quilts and Christmas tree stockings and set to cutting them into smaller strips and itty-bitty bits.  P.S. We are storing the stuffing in the covered box my little guy made.

We are collecting this "stuffing" with the hope that some day the girls can help me make some kind of poof floor pillows for their rooms to sit on to read.  Here is some examples of floor pillows:


  1. Love these. I want some for my family room. I better get sewing.

  2. Glad someone else does this! This is exactly what I do to make my pillows! I have a small bin that I use to collect my scraps and when I have enough to recycle I make another pillow! Just discovered your blog and am enjoying the reads! Am now a new subscriber! ;)


Thanks for your comments~!