Friday, October 10, 2014

Art is Possible (in a tiny home)

I found an accent chair in a collection on chairish (cute, right?) and I've been thinking over the last week how one could design a whole room around a chair--seriously.  These things are like buttah! And I realized the connection between furniture as art and the tiny house movement I do love to follow and blog about.

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When I think about tiny house design I think about the wood I'd like on the wall or the placement of the fireplace because every object and every spot counts.  The tables, the colors, the placement of each functional item, is the ART of the tiny home.  Extra decorative objects are out of the question as is storage for some kind of rotating display.  When objects are pared down the significance and need to be useful of each greatly goes up.

I think it would be perfect right in place of that wicker chair.

One of my favorite features I'd draw into a small house design is a small but central wood burning stove.  The warmth is both real and symbolic and I like to have that central theme.  Every time I pictured this chair I fell in love with I pictured it in relation to my wood burning stove.  So that is where I see it.

Wouldn't it be bright and splashy in the glass walled room below?

How would you design a home or a room around a single object?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

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