Thursday, May 28, 2015

The New Western Home

When I started this blog it was called Western Warmth (you can still get to it at that address).  Because for years I wanted a business named that.  I was fascinated with western design in homes and also quilting.  I wanted to use in some way for western quilts - or home decorating?  It doesn't look like that will happen, but I still love both things.

I've gotten lots of searches for contemporary western design ideas so I thought I'd compile some of my favorites here.  Western design has been pretty timeless although some details change over the years.

What I am finding (or maybe I'm just more drawn to it) is the western accents are more subtle.  An otherwise sparse room with clean lines given a few rustic touches or hints of the west as seen in this landing and staircase above.

I love me some contrast.  Sparse with west.  Modern shine with west -  as seen here.  The mix of old and new is like a musical harmony to me.

Rustic Bedroom by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Peace Design

And don't forget the outdoors!  I've seen a lot more western looks, like with log swings and rusty hardware, but I thought this was a subtle look from the pillows paired with a nice landscaping feature you'd see in any suburban backyard.

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