Monday, May 24, 2010

First Portraits

Isn't he adorable???

Mr. Warmth's first reaction was that he looks like his big brother Jr. In several pictures it looked as if he was putting his thumb towards his mouth.

We already love him! Sometimes it just is still hard to believe its really a little person in there, not just me feeling bloated. He doesn't move around or kick a whole lot yet. Having these pictures makes it fun to have proof of what is really going on!

I feel very blessed that all of his measurements came out healthy and on-target. He weighs 15 oz. which seemed like a lot to me. Girl #1 was 10 1/2 ounces at the same gestation, but I guess my boys like to be bigger. Jr. was a full two pounds more than his sisters at birth so maybe this little guy will do the same.

By the way, any advice on boy names?


  1. Aw! Sweet baby nephew! He's adorable.

  2. How exciting! I bet he'll be just as cute as Jr. That's how you two make 'em--adorable.

    I'm a bit jealous. I live in the sticks and we still don't have a 3-D ultrasound machine. As far as names go, I'm terrible with any names. Any suggestions for a girl? 11 weeks left and I'm still clueless.

  3. Congratulations, that's so exciting!

  4. If I had advice on boy names I would be taking it.

  5. Ever thought of naming him Bobby?

  6. That is so cool! You seriously have such cute kids it's almost not fair to some people (not me, mine are cute enough:P)

    Boy name, huh? I've always loved Connor, but was told in a dream in no uncertain terms my child was not to be named Connor.

    I also like Rowan, Greyson and Ryan. Good luck! None of mine had names till they were several hours old because we couldn't decide!

  7. Woah! Wait! ARE YOU PREGNANT???!!! Where have I been? Congrats!!!!!


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