Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Self Esteem class post #1

Signs of a Problem:

  • feeling or acting critical of others
  • avoiding activities you would otherwise enjoy due to worries about your appearance
  • inability or lack of desire to give compliments
  • disinterest in others' achievements or accomplishments
  • diverting conversations to one's self rather than listening to others
  • unhealthy amount of time spent on dieting/exercise/thoughts of changes to appearance
  • making drastic choices to lose weight or change appearance
  • when making decisions, weighing too heavily the opinions of others over your own desires or the Lord's will
  • lack of faith that Heavenly Father's love and mercy apply to you
  • making purchases based on what others have or others think instead of meeting a need
  • spending beyond your means (in hopes of looking rich or generous or accomplished to others)
  • perfectionism, being upset or angry when you or others make minor mistakes

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  1. Thank you for continuing to share this information. I appreciate it. It makes a good "self-check".


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