Tuesday, January 24, 2012


One of my favorite bloggers, Shawni Pothier, tells us that each year she has one word she wants to focus on.  Her post describing how she picked this years word was so touching to me.  You can read that here.

It wasn't long after reading those inspiring words that I wondered what would I focus on if I put it just in one word?  What would improve my quality of life?

At the time I was considering this we had the six of us living in a two bedroom, one bathroom townhome, with all our stuff stored in its basement.  It was such a tight squeeze.  There were lots of other things stressing me out and on top of that we were trying to remodel the tiny place while we lived in it.  Discouragement seemed to be my every day motto.

In times of light and hope I would realize the things I enjoyed at that time.  I could still stay home with my kids.  I delight in those middle of the day snuggles that wouldn't happen any other way.  I was still in my neighborhood and ward with people I had known for years.  My kids had great teachers at their school.  Even Omaha had a milder winter than we'd ever experienced!  Kids playing out on the playground on Christmas day?  I'll take it!!!

Even as some very happy changes have come our way lately, I am easily overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning to do at this new place.  I am profoundly lonely and realizing once again why people try to settle closer to their extended families.  But just like with every stage:  there are things I ENJOY.  So many of them.

So, 2012, here it is: I am going to focus on the word of the title.  I think I need to find a way to make or buy a big sign with this years word.  If anyone has seen one, send me the info!

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  1. Nice, Bobi! Shawni's parents (linda and Rick eyre) are some of my parents dear friends from when they were first married 40+ years ago. Great family! Love 'em all. And Shawni is as genuinely kind as she is on on her blog.


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