Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finding the House (post 3)

When we arrived for the showing, a lady was waiting in her car and asked if we were there to see the house.  We said yes, and told her our agents name (he was a man, and he was the listing agent).  She didn't seem too pleased that there were people looking at it, but she never came in and left after we went in.  Not sure what that was all about...

So, since we had all the kids (all dressed up for church, no less!) we all decided to go in and tour the house.  Our first impression was, "it needs work."  Mostly just because of the dated color choices.  There is SO MUCH mauve in this place.  However, the layout, and the size, and many of the features of the home were just incredible.

Because of the price, we thought there must be some catch, so we mentioned getting an inspection.  The agent thought that was a good idea.  We left, and got about halfway home, when the flurries going on in my mind came to just one conclusion.

"Let's put in an offer!"  If we could get an inspection, for the price it was at, we just had to.

Kid bedrooms

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