Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More pictures

We met the Realtor at the house and the rest is almost like a foggy dream to me.  It was over two months before we actually closed that we saw the house this one time.  It was so large and so beautiful I could hardly even fathom that it could be the place our family would live.  We were staying in a tiny two bedroom townhouse that had seen better days and really had just gotten used to that life.  I didn't expect or want much more.  

When we had been planning the house building in Crescent I had designed my kitchen.  I really really wanted white cabinets.  It put a smile on my face that this home had large white cabinets, even amidst the other messes.


  1. yea, the first thing I thought when looking at the pics is that the cabinets look really nice, that's a big plus! very exciting. we're just starting to paint around here. the one thing I was glad about my house is that all our walls are white, so it should make for easier painting.

  2. That's nice Rachelle! You mean no 20+ feet of argyle wallpaper to deal with? :) This house has LOTS of projects. What kind of painting plans do you have?

  3. Bobi, I love your house, it is so beautiful!


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