Tuesday, January 31, 2012


In my Book of Mormon study session today, what struck me was our connection with those who have died.  Well, I mean more, their connection with us and this world we live in.

I started with the opening pages, that describe history and such.  I thought about how Moroni, the ancient prophet who had dug the hole and buried the histories got to be the angel to help bring about this restoration to the young, Joseph Smith.

I used to think that was a coincidence or something.  I just didn't think about the importance of it until this year.

I have felt many connections to my maternal grandmother, who died a few years ago, as I live more and have experiences similar to hers while she was my age.  Even when I've been struggling the most, I feel that she cares and understands.  A friend and I were discussing how those who have died (but whose spirits are very much alive!) must feel so much concern over us.  We know how much we care about our sweet kids and we'll be invested in their kids' well-being.  Surely that doesn't stop after the grave.

Thinking of these things just reminds me about how families are really the purpose of it all.  They are a wonderful purpose and they are probably even more important and on our brains even more after this life.

I think Heavenly Father was kind to give Moroni the chance to be a part of the future of the work he did while on the earth.  And I hope to continue my "work" of being a mom, for the eternities.

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