Friday, February 3, 2012

Book of Mormon

I'm still studying every day.  I don't have any big insight from today's or yesterday's readings.  Its history stuff--Nephi explaining things about the plates...what they don't cover, what they do...

Something familiar did happen today as I began reading though.  I prayed before I started and part of my prayer was for hope (I easily get overwhelmed with life's tasks and needs as a mom).  Within a few verses of reading, the hope and excitement for my future came flooding into my heart.

It reminded me that this is one of the big reasons I study the Book of Mormon.  That is what it does for me.  It brings the Holy Spirit into my heart and helps "reset" my day.  That sticks with me and helps my life in general.  I remember that feeling lasting a long time, last time I did a big Book of Mormon study back when we lived in Texas.

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