Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Closing pictures

We took our camera...AND our kids.  The closing was scheduled for 3 pm.  I was trying to decide who to watch the boys and how to find someone to pick up the girls from their new school we were driving an hour (roundtrip) to.  Seriously...who would you ask for that kind of favor?  Those who have kids in school would already be picking up their own at their school and those who don't...well, it just would seem like too big a favor.

And then it hit me.  They should come!  I remember thinking it was kind of special and cool that the house we were ALL there to look it at is the one we bought.  So, why not seal the deal with everyone as well?

Honestly, we were all just giddy.  A real house?  For us???

Woah, and then it sinks in.  Notice the worry/stress on the face of the person who actually has to pay for it...

Ahhh, but lots of fun legal language for him to peruse.  Takes the lawyer to his happy place...:)

Aaaaaaaaaaand its OFFICIAL!

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