Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fabric Covered Diaper Boxes

I saw the most adorable basket-like covered boxes on pinterest.  Here's a link to my "pinboard" I have them on (note:  my first four pins on that page are actually covered diaper boxes!).  Ladies were using their old diaper boxes in such a cool way!  I had to join in. 

Reason 1:  We go through diapers....Yeah, buddy.
Reason 2:  I have lots of fabric lying around.
Reason 3:  So it would be free!!!!!!!!

Tune in tomorrow for a tutorial so you can learn to make these, too!

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  1. perfect timing! I've been planning on using diaper boxes (covered in some way) to store my daughter's dress up clothes. I can't wait for the tutorial tomorrow.


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