Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today, it got to be 7:00 pm and I still hadn't read my scriptures.  I grabbed them, headed for a quiet spot on the stairs, and shut my eyes to pray.  As I prayed, the thoughts came to mind about my husband and how he was quietly working on a wood project out in the garage.

The rest of the family (the kids) were in the family room watching TV and I, well...I already told you that I was about to read scriptures.  I hadn't thought about my husband (except to be a little annoyed that I was feeding, cleaning up after, and generally spending my Friday night alone with the kids).  When I prayed and was reminded of my husband I started thanking Heavenly Father for the things I have thanks to my husband.

And the list was getting long!

Besides the fact that he pays for it...we could never have bought a house like this (that needed so much TLC) if not for his hard work and talent at fixing things.  He enjoys it, but I am also grateful he gives of his free time to make our home comfortable and efficient to use.

Tonight he happened to be building something for his office at work, but the majority of his "time off" is working on stuff for us.  The more I prayed about this the more I realized what I needed was to be by his side.  I threw on my coat and went out and chatted for a moment while watching him stain the wood for his project.   I was quickly summoned back in by a crying child, but I'm glad prayer took me to that moment and that reminder.

People have relationships without prayer...but I don't know how.  Heavenly Father sure helps and strengthens ours.  I am so grateful for that.

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