Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lunch Box Bin

To save a few bucks I bought big bags of chips for the girl's lunches and then set to work portioning them into snack bags.  It is much cheaper than buying the little individual bags of chips.  I didn't think it made much of a difference until I did the math.

Yes, that shirt is not flattering...No, I am not pregnant.

Then, I added the little applesauce containers I had purchased, and will add a few other things to keep in our pantry.  When making lunches I can just pull out this bin and put them together in seconds.  I saw another blogger do a post on freezing sandwiches.  That might be next.  The more I can streamline this task  the better since it always happens at times we are stressed and trying to get out the door.


  1. I like this idea! Our mornings are always crazy (I know I should make the lunches ahead of time, but I don't!), and the worst is when it's the middle of the week and I open the cupboard to realize I'm out of applesauce or juice or something. Having it all in one place like this would help me see when I'm running low on something :-)

  2. Good idea. My kids always have the same things in their lunch boxes and I keep everything in a drawer of the fridge so it's easy to make. That said, my husband still forgets things if he makes their lunches:)


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