Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Today in the Book of Mormon I was reading as Nephi related what his father had told him (I'm assuming) about receiving direction from Heavenly Father to go to the wilderness.  What struck me today was first of all that Lehi outlined how he and they as a family would be blessed and prospered and given a promised land.  This was his predominant info he was sharing, as well as the sacrifices required....later on in the verse.  The end of the verse mentions how they needed to sell off their riches and land.

Every time I read these chapters I am taken back to the time that Casey decided he was supposed to leave his career and go back to school, law school, to be exact.  It was a process that lasted over a year as he studied for the LSAT exam, then took it, then applied for schools, then waited for acceptances or rejections...I remember the fear of the unknown.  Having read the Book of Mormon and just being familiar with Mormon history in this age, this is just something we do.  We make sacrifices for something bigger, viewing life as a part of a longer, eternal continuum.

My husband was already 30.  We had almost 3 kids already (I was pregnant).  By the world's standards it wasn't a good time to go back to school--especially school that you couldn't work during.  Both my husband and I felt a pull that was stronger than this world, though, and we wanted to be obedient.  I knew we'd be blessed.  Most of what gave me this hope was having studied the Book of Mormon.

It's weird to sit here 4-5 years later, remembering that fear and that faith.  I feel extremely blessed and prospered.  It wasn't easy getting to this point.  In fact, my hubby wasn't employed for the first 5 months after graduating law school.  Now that, more than actually going to school, was the real test of faith.

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