Friday, March 16, 2012

How We Left

We spent the few months we were in our temporary townhouse this year remodeling and updating and generally just leaving it "livable" for another person.  I was too traumatized at the rotted wood and awful smell to document our move-in, when it all started.  Of course now I wish I would have.

These are the two bedrooms where our family of 6 lived.

This final picture is to show how we were kind of in the middle of a project (had just primered this orange wall to paint it something more neutral) when our knight in shining armor the person who wanted to buy this place came and said he'd buy it right now *as is*.

So he gave us the money and it was done, just like that.  No more 30 minute drives over there to fix stuff.  No more worry about how to advertise or convince someone to buy in the next 6 months.  

What a total blessing.

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