Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Little Things ( my list of HOPE)

  • I made pancakes and bacon this Saturday morning.
  • I scheduled my yearly exam this week. (go preventive cancer screenings!)
  • The kids were clean, dressed, fed, and on time to school every day this school year.
  • Including during the move :)
  • We haven't eaten out (even fast food) for over two weeks.  This one is big for me, because I get SO tired of cooking every day.
  • We invited someone over for dinner last week.  Also huge for me.  I get so much anxiety about how the house looks, etc. and I let it go out the window and just enjoyed friends.
  • Boy #2 started therapy for his "oral aversion" eating issues.  I get to do lots of homework for him to help with this.  It felt like an overwhelming issue to start addressing, but we're plowing through.
  • Signed Boy #1 up for a bi-lingual (Spanish immersion) preschool for next year.  We got the last slot and now the school is full (I call it school but it is in a home).  It's only February!  Glad I was on the ball for something.
I made this list to make myself feel better.  Because of the high levels of stress this year I feel like my brain is starting to break down and become mush :).  I want a visual reminder of the positive accomplishments that are happening.

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